You can make your Web site for your business by low cost.

You prepare the contents and you can increase pages. Lifeword Planning will support to you how to increase the visitors of your website.

Low cost – High performance Website

It is the low cost but it has the all of the necessarily for running website.

You can update yourself then you can fulfill the contents. I prepare the framework of gathering the visitors to website. The web site that I design has the vision of gathering your customers, So it is the very cost performance website!!

You can start your simple website which have about 5 pages and its cost of initial is only $500.

All of websites designed by “Lifeword” has contents management system(WordPress).
So you can update easily like blog.

You have to pay only $50 per a year for domain and server and analytic services.
There is no monthly payment !!

If you wish it, Please contact to me.

Handy phone number: 090-7586-5122 (Kouya Miyaguni)

I wish I could help your business!

God bless you!